Like rain, energy too finds a way to settle in pools of like-mindedness or trickle down and drain away. Despite what we've been told, it is not things or people that cause energy to dwindle. I believe that in every situation, we have the capacity, the power, the insight to stay filled and settled. However, this is only possible if we first understand what actually drains us. 

No it is not people, bosses, work, situations, stress. No it is not conversations, politically correct dances, information consumption or download. No it is none of these things. What drains us is actually our own doing. Attitudes of discontent, ungratefulness, unforgiveness, feelings gone un processed for too long that have turned into bitterness and resentment. These are the sly and stealthy things that zap us of our energy under our very noses.

We need to use energy to conserve it, to settle it, to posses it. We need to work hard at keeping our sub conscious mind free of entanglements of grievances. This work is so very crucial to then being filled up and at peace. We need to understand our boundaries and make sure we respect them with our attitudes and sub conscious mind.

I used to think, because I am an introvert, that people drain me. I have discovered that I hold the power to my own energy levels. I have sacred ground that needs to be protected and filled with good things; seed that will bare good fruit. It is only my responsibility, to stay filled, tend to my soil, keep my mind sharp and sound, and in return remain content and satisfied rather than feel drained and haggered.