Diamond Emotions

Emotions are like diamonds. They need time to be processed, under pressure, in the secret place. They need time and attention to find their way from dusty, dull rock, to sparkling, light-filled, multi-faceted jewel. The quality of your process will determine the clarity of the sparkly stone that you now hold in your hand like a weapon against the myths of a worthless identity. Oh the insight and the strength that is birthed out of that process.

This fast-paced world of image management, empires of likes and follows; the crazy way this world tends to forget the charming marinade, the slow and steady respect of each season, each moment; our emotions get tangled up in bottles and bombs.

We are a generation of experts in escapism and numbing out. The present is so far from our reach yet is the deepest desire of our hearts -- it dances in front of our eyes like stars we can't count.

We can take back our moment in the present, by enduring the process.

A thorn is not a sign of failure, or even fear. It is a sign that you are alive and moving against the normal. It is a sign that you are capable, and resistance is coming to build you up, strengthen your chances to rise and dance above the waves. The thorn is best treated like a friend, who can usher you forward, and the pain that comes with that, the piercing of our skin against the thorn is a sign that our hard work, our perseverance and our tears, our sweat, our voice is worth the effort. Those scars will tell magnificent stories for generations to come; our skin, a spiritual tapestry of bumps and blemishes that redefine beauty and weave a new kind of narrative in the heavens.