Love rushing in

You could be staring at the ugliest, darkest, thundering and most overwhelming reality. But nothing compares to Him. Nothing stands in His way. Nothing can stop His love rushing in, His promise prevailing, His grace renewing and His faithfulness restoring. There is nothing too broken, too far gone for Him. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Abraham would have had to silence the incredible and undeniable influx and overwhelming rush of doubt that filled his mind as he placed Isaac on the altar. Imagine the thoughts - how can this be? How can God ask this of me? But if he didn't silence those thoughts and trust -- listening, waiting, ready -- he wouldn't have heard the voice of God say stop as his hand was raised ready to sacrifice his only son.

His thoughts are so much higher than our own! When we try and figure it out it just doesn't work and we wind up confused. But when we surrender we find revelation and the truth sets us free. How could you ever resolve in your own mind what God was wanting from you in that moment be you Abraham? There is a reason why we do not rest or trust in our own understanding.

The things God gives us are beautiful and they truly fill our hearts with such love but they can never be greater than our trust in and obedience to God. His love is the only love that truly fulfils us and we catch glimpses of it in the beautiful things He gives us. But complete trust is being able to let that all go before Him. Surrender it and only do what we hear the Holy Spirit tell us to do. Such discipline, a blind faith but redemption, healing and freedom is in that place on the altar.