Sacred Ground

Did you know that comparison is irrelevant when it comes to your worth or identity! It is a man-made measure that does not come from creation or the creator. It does not exist in creation anywhere - each species knows the deal, they live the way they are designed to live, standing uncontested. When I look at creation I think endless details that are so intricate, so mind-blowing, so creative, and so astonishing, to compare a star to a moon, or a goat to a pig seems beyond ridiculous. Because each species, each creation stands unrivalled, in its own beauty.

Humans are different again. We have souls and the ability to take dominion over the earth and all the other species. And while humans are grouped as one species, we are set apart from other species because each soul is so very unique and woven with free will - making everyone incredible individual. Each person therefore also stands beyond compare. We are actually more beautiful and unique than anything you could encounter in creation.

Do not shrink. Do not puff up. Stand my sacred ground.

Brené Brown's Authenticity Mantra.


So don't for a second shrink back, denying yourself the beauty of being sacredly you. But we can't afford to puff up either, shadowing the other beautiful lights around us. Who are we to compare, gloat, boast, and drive other's down? We need to each show up and let our lights be seen. We need to let the light of other's shine along side us. And if one is brighter than ours, we can't be threatened, for this is a waste of our time. Comparison is irrelevant. Yes there will be brighter lights, duller lights, all sorts of lights. Don't forget the journey we are all on - each so different and unique. Let the space between you now, and what you are working towards inspire you, not intimidate you. Let your journey be valid and true, rather than insignificant in a moment of comparison.