Chasing Beauty

I’m chasing a beauty not defined by time or effort but by the substance I already have within me. This beauty says our worth is a birthright not something earned. This beauty speaks with truth, embraces with empathy, understands with humility and dances to a wave of melody that can’t be seen in this world.

Even when everything else screams at you a definition of beauty that burdens your every cell, weighs down your spirit and shadows your wild.

Who ever said that the majority was right?

The trends are out of beat with the drums of heaven and it seems unnatural at first to dance to the off beat in the majority’s eyes. But that’s the beat that brings freedom. I’m chasing the substance found in the quiet, forged in the fire, confirmed on the mountain.

Be still waves of noisy doubt, thundering from insecure and confused oceans that run so deep. Be still. Because the depth of your pain is healed by His love.