Love Is, Dot Dot Dot

I have it engraved on my wedding ring
"Love is..."
10 years later, I am still trying to find
The dot, dot, dot

I used to think love is blind
Careless and free
Love walks in and takes everything
Bleeds until dry while sucking down hope
Love defined by hot moments
Glances, strokes, quivers and shakes
Love understood by force and passion
Hold me until I die, within the grip of your gaze
I shrink, I shrivel under the clench of your attachment
I can't breathe in your hunger
But can't live without it
I am nothing in your consumption
But nothing if you aren't consumed by me

How little I knew
How ignorant and naive
How conditioned to conditions
My heart so twisted and shaped
Into something so man-made

While I desperately lift my eyes
Stretch my arms out to learn
To be ironed out and rebuilt
I have discovered truth

Love is without complaint
Or demands
It does not take what is sacred
And turn it into a performance

Love is lots of little gestures
Not to be praised
But to simply give warmth

Love is small and unassuming
Not to be noticed
But to simply give safety

Love is lots of awkward moments
Some hot and heavy
Some quiet and still
Some loud and angry
Mostly gracious and plain

All strung together
To create something wildly beautiful
And unseen

Love is not an eye for an eye
Or a bone for a bone
Love is not a mountain for a pebble
Love is a gift formed on solid ground
A gift that comes from a loved soul

To love without expectations
Love must come from love
I must love myself first

Love is taking care of self
So that you don't have to
But if you want to, that is a gift
Not something I request

Love is bathing in milk
soaking in flowers
Maintaining my temple
So that I can give freely

Love is humility
Caring for others
While knowing my worth is my own
A birthright that can not be argued
Boundaries that are fair and true

Love is knowing my power
A power not for gain
A power to stay humble and flourish
A power to remain grateful

Love is knowing I don’t own anybody
But I can freely entrust myself without chains
Because my words are true
And today is enough

Love is...

"come in, and take your shoes off
Because you stand on sacred ground,
Not because I am better than you,
But because I am
Doing the same for you..."