A New Season - Kombucha

So... A lot has happened since I last wrote. Some of you may know I have been managing a couple of other occupations in addition to heidilakin.com (see Blussh & Straight & Marrow), and while I have loved the ever evolving seasons that allowed me to pour my efforts into these different endeavours, it is time to face my authentic self with wisdom, truth, lessons learnt and the reality of my current season; juggling two children, one of which has undone my -I am a recovering control freak- world in so many ways that I can't even express it in words just yet (more to come on that later).

In a nutshell I have recently realised that my pursuit of these very real passions has increased my capacity yet distracted me from developing my identity outside of the 'doings' involved in chasing dreams.

I have always been a dreamer, but one dream has never been my style. I would always have several heart-felt genuine desires burning in my soul at any given time. Up until this point, those dreams, desires, passions, have gracefully peeled off layers of walls, various in size and makeup, to reveal more glimpses of me. I don't regret a thing and I feel all that has happened, even in the confusion, has been necessary to guide me to this very moment, a moment that feels truly deep, real and confronting without the anxiety of past dream-chasing moments.

Now is the moment to drop my hands in sweet surrender and dance to a different song. A freedom song that does not listen to the lies of rejection that come in forms of interest and uncertainty (more on this later too).

I am here without the walls of turmoil, anguish and bitter wounds that I was so used to fighting against, thanks to every journey I have travelled thus far. The walls have tumbled down and I stand for the first time naked, completely vulnerable without a wall in sight and my vision is not hindered and my head or heart not crowded. It is not a crazy exciting wave of change, but simply a peaceful, gracious breeze that is gently tousling all the straight, contrived lines into dancing visions of colour and dignity. I honestly believe it is going to be a romantic year of learning how to run wild in this newfound freedom, learning about me, building my identity from the ground up.

I can hear the sweet whispers of God's truth enchanting me into this new dance and I have found it beautifully splendid how He speaks to every part of me, not just my soul but also my body. This change of direction came about around the same time I decided to join my hubby embarking upon a health ambition to heal our guts hence the 'kombucha' mentioned in my title (more to come on this too - what? so many treasures). So it became clear that my health would go hand-in-hand with discovering more about my self. There is so much to say about that connection and it excites me that I have started to see the power of it.

I look forward to writing more about my journey, how I got here and what comes next in this season & I trust my words will dance from my heart to yours at exactly the right time, delivering treasures for your own season, when you need them most!