Doings – the things I do?

Mother + wife + sister + daughter + friend + heart-on-fire creative.


Who am I?

I have been a graphic artist for many years now. However the sweet blossom filled winds of change are guiding me in a new direction. I actually don't have a description yet crafted when I think about who I am and maybe I never will (which excites me). Truth is, it is an ever evolving journey and I fill spaces in different capacities at different times. 

The most important journey I have been on though is in the discovery of my own sacred ground. This is the most important space I need and have not yet properly filled or cultivated.

The reason I tell you this is because I have decided to lay down my graphic design tools to learn more about who I am without them.


I love being a mum. It is truly the essence of love, pain, growth, struggle, immense joy and fulfilment. There is not a harder job out there in my humble opinion. I have two kiddies, Jace and Emera. I went through a sobering realisation that I was a workaholic, a couple of years into motherhood. The slow, painful, deconstruction of who I was in that moment; how I clung to 'doings' for a sense of identity and the fear of feeling inadequate as a mum; is one of the many facets that brought me to this point.


Being a wife is a beautiful mystery. Again, for someone who has been in an identity crises since a very young age, having someone else to work with on everything, grow with, change with, shape a life with is so very challenging but also incredibly rewarding when you stick it out and jump in while undressing all the preconceived ideas of togetherness and recreating something beautiful, true, honest and wildly unique.

Sister + daughter + friend

I am an introvert, so learning to live in relationships with an open-heart, truth on my tongue and my feet firmly place on my sacred ground, is a lesson I am still (at times painfully) learning. I am forever grateful for my family and friends and their ever growing understanding and support.

Heart-on-fire creative

I am in love with my creator and believe the need to create lives in everyone. I have always had a heart-on-fire, crazy-wild love affair with creativity. I will never stop being creative as long as there is air in my lungs, but the capacity to which I play and create I feel will be more fluid moving forward.